What is Freedom Fighters?

“Freedom Fighters” is a fun, live, high-energy event designed specifically for families. Families will be taken on a 2 hour Freedom Fighters training program (“Battle Plan Boot Camp”) where parents and mentors will help their kids [“Recruits”] discover the WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY-HOW of fighting the most challenging fears they face…the way God wants them to fight! Through biblical teachings, live music, comedy, and strength-training your faith, everyone will emerge more Freedom-tastically victorious than ever before! You will walk out knowing how to LIVE FEARLESS! At the end of the event, everyone will officially be proclaimed a “Freedom Fighter” and be commissioned to share their new training with others, to be a difference maker!

What happens during this event?

Our onstage cast, called “Freedom Leaders”, will have you laughing, dancing, and connecting with your family throughout the evening, while also using biblical tools to guide you through multiple Freedom-tastic activities! There will be live music, tween testimonials, games, dance moves, and inspirational connecting moments for families. Plus opportunities to share challenging fears within families that Freedom Leaders train you to battle God’s way!

What are the basic concepts that families will learn?

  • They will walk away with a new confidence about standing up to their fears, feeling empowered with a better understanding of God’s Truth and Protection!
  • They will learn the WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY-HOW of living fearless God’s way!
  • They will learn what it means to put on the Armor of God!
  • They will complete “Battle Plan Boot Camp”!
  • They will learn their Freedom Fighter Mission!

Why is this event important?

“Freedom Fighters” gives you opportunities for family members and friends to connect and develop biblical understanding in ways you cannot usually experience. You will build a stronger bond while you’re having fun, making new memories, and learning more about God together! At the end of the show, everyone will discover that they learned a lot while having a great time!
Finding ways for your family to connect and build trust with each other is crucial at this stage of life because we all know it can become more difficult for our words to positively impact our kids, as they get older! You will walk away with a new Freedom Fighter “language” that will make talking about fears and facilitating Christ-like attitudes towards life’s challenges easier for many years to come!

“Freedom Fighters” equips your family to communicate better, to trust one another, and to learn biblical truths that will be the foundation you will build your victories upon whenever fear threatens your peace of mind!